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Managing Director change at NDI Europe GmbH

by | 18.01.2023 | News

A small “t” is added, and Schmid becomes Schmidt. The entry in the commercial register has now made it official – Dr. Thomas Schmidt is the new Managing Director of NDI Europe GmbH.

The employees of NDI therefore do not really have to remember any new name, while the new Managing Director Dr. Schmidt has to remember more than 80 names. Since November 1, 2022, he has been getting to know all the employees, major projects and the NDI in general in his new role as Managing Director. Currently, NDI is managed with a Schmid/Schmidt dual leadership and Dr. Thomas Schmidt is being trained by long-time Managing Director Manfred Schmid in all projects, so that Manfred Schmid can hand over his work with a clear conscience.

In Q2 2023, the change in the cockpit will take place. Dr. Schmidt will move from co-pilot to the captain position and will continue to lead NDI on his own. Mr. Schmid will then go into well-deserved retirement. All employees on board are excited to see what great places this journey will take them to.