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Your Application

Your application

Do we have the right job for you? Do you want to send us an unsolicited application? Then we’d be glad to receive your complete application documents at:

What happens to your documents next?

Confirmation of receipt

So you can be sure we’ve received your application, we email you within 3 days. Please remember to state your email address in your application.

We never use computers to filter applications. We think that’s important. And that you should know it. We work for the benefit of people and their health. And that’s why real people deal with your application documents. We take the necessary time for this. We review every application thoroughly and make a pre-selection. Then we contact you again.

Phone interview

Because NDI is an extremely attractive employer – also due to our location in the spectacular natural landscape of Lake Constance – our applicants often come from further afield. Getting things done quickly, creating genuine proximity, these things are important to us. And naturally, we always consider our global footprint. That’s why we frequently start with a phone interview. You can expect this to take around 20 minutes. The interview is mainly about getting to know each other a little. This is also a great opportunity for you to ask basic questions about the job and the company.

1st interview

If the phone interview goes well, the next step is an interview in person. Usually, you will meet your future superior as well as our HR Manager. We introduce you to our company and discuss the job requirements and your prospects with you. Naturally, we also want to know what you’ve done previously and why you’re interested in NDI.

2nd interview

If your first interview made a positive impression, we invite you back. Depending on the job and specialist field, this second interview may take different forms. We might ask you to solve a technical problem, and usually you will get to know potential colleagues. After that, we don’t want to leave you waiting for long. We contact you very soon to tell you what we think, and ideally to welcome you as a new member of our team.