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Farewell to Manfred Schmid

by | 20.04.2023 | News

Let’s celebrate and give Manfred Schmid a proper farewell!

After 22 years as Managing Director of NDI Europe GmbH, Manfred Schmid is taking his well-deserved retirement at the end of April. We look back on many years full of new ideas, challenges, successful projects and a great team spirit. We would like to toast to this with you today and celebrate with the entire staff and many external companions.

The champagne glasses in the Skylounge are already filled, the menu is promising and the host who will guide us through the evening is already in the wings – the evening will certainly hold one or two surprises.

Manfred, we are grateful to you for making NDI Europe what it is today. If you enjoy your retirement with as much heart and soul as you have accompanied NDI over time, it will certainly be a success. For this, we wish you all the best and, above all, good health. For some it surely seems difficult to finally leave the office after so many busy years and begin retirement – but you have 22 years of experience in navigation and surely find your way to a relaxed retirement.