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Case Study: Realists Training Technologies GmbH

by | 27.04.2022 | News

📌 | Case Study: Realists Training Technologies GmbH

Realists GmbH is a global provider of lifelike surgical training systems to improve patient outcomes in the field of spinal surgery. Realists has integrated the NDI Polaris Vicra into their Realists Imaging product to simulate X-ray imaging for the navigation and placement of pedicle screws or cages, as in a real operation.
Statement from Dr. Luis Bernal, CEO and Founder of Realists Training Technologies GmbH
“NDI’s experience and technical precision allow us to develop and deliver an excellent solution to our customers and make surgeon training more flexible and available.”
“NDI was the first option for Realist because it is a solution that is already established on the market with a good support. Technically NDI offer us the precision that we need in order to have a very realistic simulation of patient and instruments for training.”

For more information, please visit the website of Realists GmbH: