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BOGY Internship at NDI Europe

by | 25.05.2023 | News

Hey, I heard about your BOGY internship at NDI Europe, and I have to say I’m really jealous! BOGY stands for “BerufsOrientierung am Gymnasium” (Vocational Orientation at the Highschool) and it seems like you got a lot of exciting insights during your one-week internship at NDI Europe.
I mean, who can say that he/she has been immersed in the world of embedded programming with an open source smartwatch Bangle.js 2 and JavaScript? Best of all, you’ve set up a GPS tracker and given it a playful try right away. That’s not all, because you even programmed your own clock face with its own background image and display of the current time as well as heart rate – that’s really impressive and certainly a lot of fun!

Of course, you also got an insight into NDI’s technology. You learned about NDI’s electromagnetic positioning system and even tried controlling Minicraft (Is that Minecraft, the PC game?) on a Raspberry PI using Python. That sounds like a lot of fun and you certainly learned a lot about mapping different coordinate systems in 3-dimensional space.

During the week you also visited the sensor test station, experienced the characterization of field generators, observed the bombardment of hardware with an ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) gun and performed accuracy measurements with a so-called calibration cube (a cube with many sensors). You also learned about aluminum connection 4-wire measurement techniques and circuit development for an R-L calibrator (R stands for resistance, L for inductance).

This sounds like a really eventful week for you. We are glad if you were able to learn a lot during the week and the experience will help you in your future career.