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Aurora® Innovations at NDI

Aurora® – a success story

Over the years, we’ve continually developed our electromagnetic measurement system further. Its modular and versatile design means it is suitable for a wide range of medical applications. We vastly expanded the sensor program for the Aurora® System as the years have gone by. We started from a base of 2 sensor variants. Today, our customers choose from a whole range of modifications. Including customer-specific solutions, more than 50 different sensors are available for the Aurora® System, for both reusable and disposable applications.


Milestones in the development of Aurora®


Market launch of the Aurora® System

The Aurora® System – medical navigation with a GPS-like solution. The original idea and the model-based system design come from a small startup in Switzerland. The product was launched on the market in 2001. Since then, NDI Europe has been responsible for the basic technological development. In the early years, Northern Digital Inc., our parent company, was responsible for product development and production.


Planar FG 20-20 Field Generator

This Field Generator was designed to meet the needs of our first customer. Today, many of our customers use the latest version of the Planar FG 20-20.


Aurora® System Version V2

Drawing on the experience gained with the first-generation system, we further developed the system electronics and firmware.


NDI Europe becomes Aurora® Center of Competence

A major milestone: the parent company decided to streamline the diverse distribution of tasks between the parent company and NDI Europe. NDI Europe took on full responsibility for basic development, product development, production, and service.


In the same year, there was a major product strategy change – from a relatively rigid system configuration to a highly flexible, modular Aurora® System. Right up to the present day, all developments follow this concept.


Tabletop Field Generator (TTFG)

The first shielded Field Generator in the Aurora® family.

This flat Field Generator made it possible for the first time to use a Field Generator on metal surfaces such as standard operating tables.

First autoclavable Field Generator

We developed an autoclavable Field Generator specifically for an orthopedic application. It enables faster and lower-radiation performance of the medical procedure. The latest version of this Field Generator can be reconditioned and autoclaved more than 200 times in day-to-day clinical operations.


Window Field Generator (WFG)

The WFG makes navigation in combination with stationary C arms easier. This quickly made the Field Generator the standard solution in cardiology.


Aurora® System Version V3

After a 2-year development period, we presented a complete revision of the system electronics, the successful implementation of the Aurora-by-Design concept. With the large number of new Field Generators and the V3 system electronics, the Aurora® System became the most modular and flexible tracking system on the global market.


X2 Field Generator line

New findings that our highly qualified basic development team gained over the years were the starting point for the new X2 Field Generator design with substantially improved accuracy. They also provide the basis for even more innovations in the future.


Planar FG 10-11 Field Generator

The smallest and lightest model in the Planar range weighs just 250 g and is ideal for flexible applications directly on the patient.

8-port System Interface Unit (SIU)

The System Interface Unit becomes even more variable – in addition to the 2-, 4-, and 6-port System Interface Unit, NDI also offers an 8-port variant. This enables customers to navigate even more sensors simultaneously.


Aurora® System Version V3.1

The Aurora® System Version V3 will be further developed for the future. Due to a new approval after adaptation to current standards such as IEC 60601-1:2005 + Cor.:2006 + Cor.:2007 + A1:2012 and IEC 60601-1-2:2014/EN 60601-1-2:2015 we are always “up to date”. Furthermore, we convince with a new product design in white.

NDI Global

NDI Europe GmbH

Güttinger Strasse 37, 78315 Radolfzell

Phone: + 49 (77 32) 82 34-0
Fax: +49 (77 32) 82 34-199
Focus: Sales & Support Europe / Development, Production & Manufacturing of electromagnetic measurement systems

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Northern Digital Inc.

103 Randall Drive, Waterloo, N2V 1C5 Ontario, Kanada

Phone: +1 (519) 884 5142
Toll Free: +1 (877) 634 6340
Fax: +1 (519) 884 5184
Focus: International Headquarters / Sales & Support North and South America / Development, Production & Manufacturing of optical measurement systems

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NDI Shelburne

120 Graham Way, Suite 130, VT 05482 Shelburne, USA

Phone: +1 (802) 985-1114
Phone (USA only): 866-428-9903
Fax: +1 (802) 985-1102
Focus: Development Office Electromagnetics

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NDI Asia Pacific

Unit 301, 3/F, Core Building 1, No. 1 Science Park East Avenue, Hong Kong, China

Phone: + (852) 2802 2205
Toll Free: + (800) 634 634 00
Fax: + (852) 2802 0060
Focus: Sales & Support Asia

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Corporate Social Responsibility

NDI Europe has supported social and charitable projects for many years. As a medium-sized company, we are aware of our responsibility and are happy to contribute to a variety of good causes. What does responsibility mean to us? Here are a few examples:

One-dollar glasses

More than 150 million people around the world need glasses, but can’t afford them. Children can’t learn, parents are unable to work and provide for their families. One-dollar glasses consist of a lightweight, flexible, spring-steel frame. They are made and sold by local people. The material costs are around 1 US dollar.

Pestalozzi Kinderdorf (children's village)

This is a safe place for children whose birth parents are not around to bring them up. Here, they find people who nurture them and support them so they can go on to a better life. They experience a caring environment where they feel accepted and valued. Clear structures give them security and guidance. They are supported and encouraged according to their abilities.

Reichenauer Gemüsekiste (vegetable box)

To be able to perform well in your job, you should eat a healthy diet with all the nutrients your body and mind needs. Fruit and vegetables are right at the top of the list. We support this approach with regional sourcing of fruit from the island of Reichenau.

Radolfzeller Firmenlauf (company run)

The Radolfzeller Firmenlauf takes place every summer. NDI has participated since the beginning. What makes this run special: for every circuit an employee completes, the public utility company Stadtwerke Radolfzell donates one euro for two social projects in the town.